Fitness Tips For The Time-Crunched

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or studying hard to get through college, are a full-time athlete or a single parent, everyone faces the same issue: there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

Unfortunately, this is usually at the expense of looking after the most important thing: our health and wellbeing.

Too often I have friends saying they don’t have time to eat healthy, to exercise, or to find some calm.

Let’s start with quick fitness

There’s no need to join a gym as the world of training and fitness comes with many options, a lot of which are free or low-cost.

Choose a favorite 10-minute bodyweight workout you can do anytime, anywhere. Simply download one of the many fitness apps on the market for inspiration, or come up with your own routine.

Be creative and exercise without knowing it. Make a habit of not taking the elevator. Instead, walk up the stairs, get off the bus one stop earlier, or even do air-squats while brushing your teeth!

Your mind needs a break too

Breathing is fast becoming a health trend, and apps like Calm have made breathing techniques more accessible and easy to include in your daily life. Use them to calm your mind whether you are on the start line of a race or walking into an important meeting.

Choose the right fuel for your body to perform

No one likes being ‘hangry’, including me. So, to avoid buying junk food on the spur of the moment, always have a healthy snack on hand as a go-to. Think protein bar, a piece of fruit, or anything low in sugar.

When eating out, swap white for green. Try not to fill up your plate with rice, pasta, or bread and instead load it up with green vegetables or salad. This will have you feeling more energized in no time.

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